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How adopting a centralised approach helps project managers to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects of any size, type or complexity


Recorded - November 3, 2020

Introducing Effective Project Management – the PRINCE2® method

According to recent research US, India and China will see the biggest increase in project management jobs in project oriented industries in the current decade from 2017 -2027. At the same time PPM functions are becoming more important to the overall business, but wider economic trends mean they are being expected to deliver greater value with less resource putting increasing pressures on project managers. The challenge that all project managers face, regardless of sector, or the size and complexity of their projects, is to have an effective and efficient team structure, relevant planning and manageable stages to deliver their project on time, in scope and in budget.

Effective Project Management; the PRINCE2® method provides step by step guidance in how to drive successful project delivery in manageable stages, ensuring control of the key elements of any project: costs, timescales, quality, scope, benefits and risk and driving improved communications with stakeholders and within teams. This webinar will provide you an comprehensive overview on PRINCE2, the leading global project management method.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain overview of the PRINCE2 method with its 7 principles, themes and processes
  • Understand the PRINCE2 Process Model and how a project is broken down into manageable tasks and stages to ensure project efficiency, consistency and manage complexity.
  • Learn how PRINCE2 works with bodies of knowledge
  • Get key insights from the Power of Certification Report
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Allan Thomson

Allan is the Global PPM Product Ambassador responsible for representing AXELOS externally with regards to PPM products. He is a result driven PRINCE2 qualified Project Manager with over 25 years’ project, programme management and PMO experience. Particularly adept at implementation of PRINCE2 into organisations, Microsoft Dynamics solutions, risk management, business implementation, new product development, business improvement, software implementation and change management.

Allan is an experienced Project Leader who through collaboration techniques integrates and leads teams to achieve business objectives. Have gained experience in agile delivery methods and their inclusion into PMO reporting.

Head Shot Erin Smith

Erin Smith

Erin is the Head of Brand in the Americas for Axelos Global Best Practice.

She has worked in EdTech for 10+ years. This includes: LMS Operations and Integrations, Curriculum Development and Delivery. Her areas of focus are Higher Education, Government and Industry Associations.

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